3 simple steps to keep your skin in tip top condition. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise.

It’s time to re focus on our skin. We kick off the year with Charley explaining the importance of the ‘cleanse, tone & moisturise’ Find the right routine and check out her product recommendations for different skin types in the video below.


Step 1. Cleansing

It’s personal preference how you do this… it might mean you jump in the shower and use the cleansing facial wash, it might mean you standing at the sink and applying the cream cleanser or a milky cleanse to the skin or a balm whatever works for you. Whatever that is we need to be doing that morning and evening.

This will rid the skin of any make, toxins or buildup that you’ve had during the day.

You can use the Elemis Pro-collagen cleansing balm it’s really luxurious this time of year because of the essential oils waxes in the balm, it really helps to feed the skin.

I would also recommend Elemis superfood facial wash which is a great pick me up in the morning to help feed and hydrate the skin. Whatever your cleanser of choice that will be your first step morning and evening.

Step 2. Tone

The next step is to apply a toner to the skin. Where we have cleansed the skin and applied water we had disrupted the natural pH level in the skin, if we leave that the skin is prone to dehydration that’s where your toner comes in.

The Elemis toners come in handy spritz bottle, you can spray them over your face or onto cotton wool ball and then sweep that over to skin. What that does is rebalance the pH of skin leaving it nice and soft and supple. It will also remove any last trade traces of cleanser so it’s a fantastic product. Just hydrating the skin it’s often a step that gets forgotten about. People tend to jump straight to moisturising skin, that’s where we can leave the skin prone to dehydration, so it’s an important step just to get the skin prepared for the moisturiser. If you’re not doing this the moisturiser has to work doubly hard.

Elemis have three lovely toners – really simple.

Ginseng for normal to dry skin

Lavender to rebalance that more oily combination

Soothing Apricots for anyone who tends to be a little bit sensitive

Step 3 – Moisturising

Use a lovely eye cream. When applying, softly take all around the eye bone but not too close to the tear duct, apply just round that little bone. When applying the moisturiser use it all over the face and neck take it down your neck sweeping across your decollaté.

When it comes to which moisturiser it depends on your skin.

A great product this time of year would be the Elemis Peptide range. The Peptide moisturiser is a brilliant range for dehydrated lacklustre skin. Peptide is great pick me up and will recharge and boost the skin.

If you are more concerned with ageing Elemis Pro-collagen Marine cream would be the perfect moisturiser to hydrate and protect the skin and also feed the skin with a cocktail of essential oils it will plump, firm and diminish any fine lines.

Whatever your needs are let us know, drop us an email would be happy to make a three step plan especially for you.

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