A day in the life of Caroline.

I start my day by listening to the Chris Evans breakfast show on Virgin Radio, he is so upbeat and has brilliant guests who inspire and motivate you. He has done a few shows from his boat on the river next to the Complete Angler and loves Marlow so it is lovely to hear him taking about all the shops and restaurants.

As I now have so much more time on my hands I thought I would use some time to brush up my skincare routine, it previously involved jumping out of bed into the shower, getting dressed and walk to work but now my new routine starts at a more leisurely pace. I start by body brushing, I feel that my circulation has got a bit sluggish lately so a good few minutes body brushing (always towards the heart) gets your skin glowing. My next step before jumping into the shower is my favourite Elemis product, the Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm, I love the smell and the way it melts on your skin, I remove with a hot cloth and my skin feels refreshed and tingly. Twice a week in the shower I will use Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Glow to exfoliate my skin, I have never used a product that leaves your skin so soft with a lovely scent. (Its fantastic to use a few days before a self tan).

My next steps are facial oil and moisturise. My facial oil of choice is the Elemis Cellular Skin Bliss Capsules, in the morning I use one Rose Capsule and you would use the Lavender capsule in the evening. I gently massage the oil onto my skin for a few minutes, its lovely to spend the time with a gentle massage to awaken the skin and relieve any tension. and my moisturiser is always Pro Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30. This is Elemis’s best selling cream and it’s easy to see why as the texture is wonderfully light and smells gorgeous. I always use an SPF daily as it is so important. I didn’t really use an SPF every day until a few years ago and have developed skin pigmentation from sun damage on my hands and face and recently had a few sessions of IPL skin rejuvenation with the lovely Shelley and the results have been amazing. Elemis have just launched a new Overnight Radiance Peel which uses Lactic Acids and AHAs to banish dullness and reduce the look of pores and brighten the complexion. All the bloggers are taking about peels at the moment and Nadine Baggot loves the Elemis one so I am keen to start using this as I have noticed that I have more enlarged pores on my chin recently.

My favourite make up at the moment is Trinny London, her BFFSPF 30 is the best I have used for a long time, it just leaves your skin looking fresh and radiant, it is a white colour and it adapts the your own skin tone, it looks so natural. I follow Trinny on Instagram and also Nadine Baggot, they have brilliant make up tips. I finish off with a flash of mascara, I’m using a Rimmel Wonder and Luxe Volume, it doesn’t smudge under your eyes as so many mascaras end up looking like I have a black eye. Since using Revitalash about 2 months ago I can honestly say this product is amazing, after using for about 3 weeks my eyelashes seemed to double in length and so many people comment on how long they look.

I always try to escape my house for an hour each day to go for a walk and do my 7 minute workout (Chris Evans loves this) I might even reach 2 x 7minute workouts by the time this passes. I have taken up residence in my husbands office and think I might do a few online courses to keep myself occupied.

Stay safe everyone, this time will pass.

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