Nail Trends for Autumn & Winter 2023

As the summer fades and temperatures drop, your nails can be an ideal canvas for expressing your style and embracing the latest trends. From cozy neutrals to bold statement colours and metallics, there’s something for everyone this season. Here we take a closer look at

Waxing vs Threading for Facial Hair

Facial hair removal is a common beauty concern, particularly when it comes to eyebrows. There are various methods available nowadays, but the two most popular options are waxing and threading. Both techniques offer effective hair removal, but they differ in terms of procedure, results and

Why Personal Me-Time is Incredibly Important

Modern life can be hectic and demanding. There’s the pressure of work, family responsibilities, and a myriad of other commitments constantly vying for our attention. And that’s just the start. Amid all this chaos, it is crucial to recognise the importance of me-time. Focusing on

Frequently Asked Questions About Facials

A facial is a great way to rejuvenate your skin and a great way to relax and get some me time into your bust schedule. Getting a gorgeous skin glow is only one of the benefits of getting a Cecily Medispa facial. Facials in Marlow

All About Eyes – Great Treatments to Make Your Eyes Sparkle

One of the most noticeable things about anyone is their eyes, so it is no wonder many people want them to look their best. There is an excellent range of treatments available at Cecily Medi Spa in Marlow to make your eyes sparkle. Lash and

The Benefits of a Hydrafacial

Facials have always been great for the skin, leaving it looking refreshed and smooth but the modern approach to skincare now includes the HydraFacial which is one of the most popular treatments for men and women right now. Hailed by celebs and easy and affordable

The Uncommon Colour Trending for Nails this Spring

Spring brings a sense of renewal and hope in all areas of life, and nails are no different. If you are looking for a new colour to try as we look forward to Spring then consider green! Getting a manicure in the spring gives a