Everything You Wanted to Know About Threading

If you are thinking about booking in a threading session, but you are not sure what will happen, don’t worry – here’s a rundown of everything you need to know.

Threading in Marlow

Threading is an ancient Indian hair removal method. It produces beautifully groomed, arched eyebrows, and the results last for longer than waxing or plucking. Threading gives far more control, allowing for very precise results.

How Does Threading Work?

Your trained practitioner will use a fine thread, looping it around each individual eyebrow hair, pulling it out at the root. It exfoliates the skin at the same time, which improves regrowth time. Eyebrow threading can take around 5-7 minutes. Upper lip threading takes around 3 minutes. If you want to go for full face threading, this takes a bit longer – up to 20 minutes per session.

Does It Hurt?

Threading may feel a little bit uncomfortable, but some people find it less painful than waxing – the hair is being pulled from the root, so you won’t have to worry about pulling at surrounding skin like you would with waxing. Some people find certain areas more uncomfortable than others, but threading is very fast, so any discomfort passes quickly.

Can I Make It Less Painful?

Your practitioner will be trained to make the experience as smooth as possible, but there are some things you can do too. Holding the skin taut can help, as this prevents excess pulling on the skin. You should avoid facial peels or harsh exfoliants the day before threading, as this will make your skin more sensitive before you even begin.

Try to avoid threading during your period – your skin is more sensitive during this time, which will make it feel more painful!

Is There Any Aftercare Involved?

Aftercare is pretty straightforward. If you feel uncomfortable or your skin is irritated, you can use a cooling lotion – look for something with aloe vera, which is very soothing.

You can also avoid anything that will make you sweat for the rest of the day – including swimming, exercise, and saunas. This is because sweating can further irritate the skin.

Is Threading Hygienic?

Yes. Your practitioner will ensure that all equipment and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised before you sit down to have your treatment. Afterwards, it’s essential to make sure your hands are clean if you are going to touch your eyebrows, as your skin may be a little delicate and sore, and you don’t want to introduce bacteria to the area.

What Will My Brows Look Like?

It is up to you! If you have got a specific shape or look in mind, try to communicate this to your threader. Photos can help here, so have a look on Pinterest if you want to have a visual to show them. You will have a consultation beforehand, so there will be an opportunity to discuss your needs.

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