How to Make Your Eyes Shine

Are you bored of your look? Want a refresh? You may want to focus on your eyes. They are, after all, the gateway to the soul – and there is nothing more enchanting than lovely, bright eyes!

The benefit of getting eye treatments is that they often last for some time, can enhance your day to day look and give you an extra boost if you are going somewhere special. There are several ways you can up your ‘eye’ game:

Lash Extensions in Marlow

If you are fed up with fiddling around with false eyelashes, you may want to look at lash extensions. They are placed just above your lash line, attaching to your natural eyelashes to give you more volume and length. As the lashes are individually attached, you can choose your level of intensity – from natural through to bold and dramatic.

Eyelash extensions last for around 30 days (this is due to the natural shedding process), so regular infill appointments are recommended to keep your bold look!

Lash Lifts in Marlow

A bit less dramatic than lash extensions, lash lifts work a bit like a perm for your eyelashes. If you have particularly straight lashes, you will see an instant difference with a lash lift, and it will save you time each day with your eyelash curler.

Lashes are attached to silicone stripes, with a gentle solution lightly brushed over them. The solution is then wiped away, and the lashes are permed with a natural curl. You can even combine this with tinting to create a natural-looking but noticeable effect.

Lash Tinting in Marlow

If you have pale eyelashes, tinting is a great option. It can give you a subtle boost and will save you time and money reaching for the mascara every day. Tinting is essentially like dye for your eyelashes – colour is added for a couple of minutes before being rinsed away again. The tints are semi-permanent, lasting from 4-6 weeks, and the treatment doesn’t take long. Perfect if you want to strip back your make-up routine to the bare essentials, or if you’d like to go make-up free whilst maintaining definition around your eyes.

Nourishing Lash Serums

If you want to treat your lashes, go for a serum. You can use them at home, and they allow nutrients and conditioning ingredients to work into your eyelashes, promoting growth. If your eyelashes are looking a bit sparse or thin, this is a great treatment to work into your routine.

Lash Maintenance Marlow

You can maintain the health of your lashes between salon appointments by taking care of them at home. Make sure that you remove your make-up every day – no exceptions! Try to have some mascara-free days, if possible, as this reduces the chance of damage or breakages. Finally, using a brightening eye mask at home to help to reduce dark circles, giving you a brighter complexion – a perfect weekly treat!

Talk to the experienced team at Sunrise Marlow to get the lash looks you are looking for and get advice on how to keep them looking great for as long as possible!


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