What is the TickTok Siren Eyes Trend?

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The latest beauty craze emerging from social media trend setting app TikTok is called Siren eyes. Starting only a few weeks ago the #SirenEyes hashtag has now got 280 million views with many women around the world engaging with and copying this unique look.

Why Sirens?

A throwback to the 60’s winged eyeliner, craze creator Danielle Marcan, describes this look as dark femininity as the siren name suggests. Sirens, from Greek Mythology, were sea nymphs who lured sailors into dangerous situations and to their deaths with their sultry songs. Siren is now used to describe women who have a dangerous edge and are enticing and irrefusable.

What is the Siren Eyes Look?

Winged eyeliner is nothing new, but this is taken a little more to the extremes to make the eyes look more seductive and a little more dangerous. This look stretches with black eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye and flicked out as much as the wearer wants. The more severe the flick the more siren looking the eye! Adding a little smouldering black shadow to accentuate the eyeliner is an addition many women are making.

Why is it Popular?

Adding a touch of darkness to your make-up is fun while being completely wearable on a day-to-day basis. It is a great twist on a classic ‘cat eye’ and can include a subtle flick or a more intense elongated look for an evening style. This look lifts, elongates and intensifies the eyes which is why it is becoming such a popular look.

How to Create the Siren Eye Look

While adding some eyeliner to your normal make-up is a great way to engage with this look, the best way to really make your eyes pop and intensify the #SirenEyes look is to ensure your brows, lashes and finally your make up are on point. Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted have the brow and lash treatments you need to make this siren eye look really shine.

Brow Treatments – Framing your face, your brows need to be shaped and tidy for any eye make up to be highlighted. You can choose from a simple brow shape and tint, or for a more permanent look choose the popular Brow Lamination treatment. If your eyebrows are not full or in need of a complete refresh, then lamination will give you the brows you have always wanted.

Lash Tinting & Lifting – If you have lovely natural lashes but want to give them some extra definition then tinting and lifting your lashes is the perfect treatment to showcase that eyeliner. Lifting is essentially perming your eyelashes to give them extra texture and tinting them means you don’t have to worry too much about mascara.

Finish Your Siren Look

Once you have the base of lashes and brows sorted you can add your make up and play with the length of your own siren eyes.

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