Experience the ultimate pamper with our beautiful range of body treatments to make your skin feel smooth and hydrated.


Experience the ultimate pamper with our beautiful range of body treatments to make your skin feel smooth and hydrated.

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Body Massages

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage 30 mins | £53*

Back, Neck, Shoulders & Scalp Massage 45 mins | £66*

Full Body Massage 60 mins | £80


ESPA massage

ESPA Deep Muscle Massage

55 mins | £81*

Restore comfort, suppleness and movement with this intensely effective massage. Active stretching and specialised massage combined with expertly blended aromatherapy oils alleviate deep-seated tension in the neck, shoulders and back with instant and lasting effect. Muscular pain is diminished, leaving you feeling stronger and energised.


ESPA Swedish Massage

55 mins | £85*

Revive your body and enliven your spirit with this invigorating massage. Working swiftly and deeply where you need it most, traditional Swedish massage with pure, nourishing oils boost circulation, alleviates tight, aching muscles and awakens the body from top to toe.


ESPA Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

30 mins | £66*

Ease tension where you need it most with this fast-acting, de-stressing treatment. Personalised to your unique needs, targeted massage with pure aromatherapy blends relax tense muscles, re-energise your body, and calm your mind.


la stone treatments

Back and Neck Massage

45 mins | £78*

Back and neck massage using hot basalt and cold marble stones, which interact with the energy fields of your body.  It is an effective way of melting away tension and stress.


Full Body

1 hour 45 mins | £109*

A full body massage that makes full use of hot basalt and stones. Working with the energy fields across your body, this massage targets every ounce of tension in your body.​


Signature Massage

2 hours | £138*

Let the warm stones melt away your tired, stressed muscles during a full body massage followed by lifting, toning and relaxing crystal face massage. This treatment is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


pregnancy treatments

With the aid of our pregnancy cushion, we can tailor a massage to your needs with carefully selected oils for you and your baby.

Swedish Massage

A traditional invigorating and stimulating massage designed to relax and de-stress the body whilst improving the circulation and eliminating toxins.

Back and Neck 30 mins | £53*

Back, Neck and Scalp 45 mins | £66*

Full Body 60 mins | £80*

Please note these times include changing and vacation of the room.

Please note: We can only treat after the first trimester and before treatment, we will need a letter or email from your doctor or midwife to confirm you can be treated. 


head massage

Indian Head Massage

45 mins | £66*

Incorporating pressure point and drainage techniques to the upper back with a spinal stretch and stimulating scalp massage. Ending with a soothing pressure point facial massage, leaving the whole body with a sense of wellbeing.



Sienna X | Spray tan

Before and aftercare:

Please ensure all waxing or shaving is done 24 hours before any tanning treatment. Please exfoliate before your treatment and ensure no moisturiser or deodorant is used prior to a tan being applied. To help maintain your tan avoid prolonged periods in water and pat yourself (do not rub) after showering and apply moisturiser morning and evening.

Full Body | £32*


Please note, your appointment start time may be adjusted by 15 minutes either side of your booked time. Please check your appointment start time when you receive your confirmation. This is to maximise efficiency and accommodate as many clients as possible.