The Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

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Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on expectants mums and one of the nicest ways to relax and support wellbeing during pregnancy is to have a massage from a qualified massage therapist. The team at Cecily are experienced in making mum’s to be feel calm and confident when getting a massage that is safe for them and their baby.

Pregnancy Massage Berkhamsted

Staying well in both body and mind during pregnancy is important and taking some time out to have a pregnancy massage for Berkhamsted mum’s to be is a great idea. Here are some of the benefits of a massage during pregnancy.

Reduced muscle tension and pain: Pregnancy can cause discomfort and muscle tension, particularly in the lower back, hips, and legs. A pregnancy massage can help relieve these aches and pains by targeting specific areas of tension and promoting relaxation.

Improved circulation: Pregnancy often leads to increased blood volume and fluid retention. Massage helps stimulate blood and lymph circulation, reducing swelling and improving overall circulation throughout the body.

Stress and anxiety reduction: Pregnancy can bring about various emotional and hormonal changes that may lead to increased stress and anxiety. Massage promotes relaxation and the release of endorphins, which can alleviate stress and improve mood.

Hormonal regulation: Pregnancy massage can help regulate hormone levels. It stimulates the release of serotonin, a natural mood enhancer, while also reducing levels of stress hormones such as cortisol.

Better sleep quality: Many pregnant women struggle with sleep disturbances due to discomfort, hormonal changes, and anxiety. By promoting relaxation and reducing physical discomfort, a pregnancy massage can contribute to better sleep quality.

Decreased swelling and improved lymphatic function: Pregnancy can cause fluid retention and swelling, particularly in the legs and feet. Massage techniques, such as gentle strokes and lymphatic drainage, help reduce swelling and support healthy lymphatic function.

Relief from sciatic pain: Sciatic nerve pain is a common discomfort during pregnancy, often resulting from pressure on the sciatic nerve due to the growing baby. Pregnancy massage can help alleviate sciatic pain by targeting the affected areas and releasing muscle tension.

Bonding and emotional support: Pregnancy massage offers a nurturing and calming experience for expectant mothers. It provides an opportunity for self-care and allows mothers to connect with their changing bodies and growing baby, fostering a sense of emotional well-being and bonding.

Relaxation Time – Taking time out to get the massage is a great way for mums to be to take some relaxation time for them. Away from the pressures of everything that needs to be prepared for the baby, a hour away from the stresses of the world will support wellbeing for mother and baby.

Pregnancy Massage Berkhamsted

Cecily Day Spa in Berkhamsted offers a range of massage options including pregnancy massages. The expert therapists are warm and welcoming and can answer any questions or concerns you have before you get started.

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