Top Tips for an Engagement Manicure

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If there’s one thing you can guarantee, people instantly want to see your ring when you announce you are engaged! And that means your hands and nails as well. The best way to feel confident showing off your new ring is to have a gorgeous manicure, and here are some expert tips to help – because an engagement manicure should always feel special!

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When choosing a nail polish to wear with your engagement ring, it’s essential to consider both the shade and the shape. Nude polish is an excellent option because it is neutral and compliments your skin tone. It also doesn’t distract from the ring.

When it comes to the length and shape of your nails, you want them to be well-manicured but not too much of a change from what you would typically have. Otherwise, people will be looking at your nails more than your ring!

Hand Care is Important

Your hands are one of the first places people look when you say you just got engaged, so it’s important to take care of them.

The best way to achieve radiant-looking hands is to moisturise them regularly. Hand cream can do wonders for your skin, but it’s important to remember to remove any excess before taking pictures, as it can make your nails look dull.

When applying hand cream, be careful not to get any on your cuticles, as this will make them look oily.

Posing for Engagement Pics Tips

There is plenty of popular engagement photo poses that you’ll see as you scroll through social media. However, the perfect way to capture your announcement is to create a story through your photos. Include photos of the moment, where it happened and the moments before or after. However, the most important shot you’ll get is your engagement ring selfie!

When taking a picture of your gorgeous engagement ring, we recommend using natural light to brighten the scene. If you’re looking to get the perfect sparkle on your ring, use lighting from multiple angles so any facets on your stone will reflect it, creating a beautiful shine.

Consider the Background

If you are taking photos to post on social media showing off your new ring, then think about the background.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to getting the perfect photo of your engagement ring. First, use the background to show where the engagement took place. This can be a great way to add context and meaning to the photo.

Props are also great for getting the right shot; champagne glasses, flowers, anything that can add to but not take too much attention away from the ring.

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