What is a CACI Facial?

A CACI facial is a non-surgical treatment that uses electric currents to stimulate the muscles in your face. This can help to improve muscle tone, reduce wrinkles, and provide other benefits.

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If you’re looking for a way to improve your appearance without surgery, a CACI facial may be right for you. Keep reading to learn more!

What does CACI mean?

CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument. It’s a special machine that uses specific waveforms and frequencies to transmit tiny electrical pulses to improve muscle and skin.

It works in tandem with the body’s bio-electric field to improve skin tone, texture, and facial form.

What is a CACI facial?

A CACI facial is a beauty treatment that focuses on promoting skin health and wellness.

This facial utilises specialised technology to provide deep muscle stimulation, which helps tone and tighten the skin. In addition, it uses light therapy to help boost collagen production and deliver essential nutrients to the skin.

Thanks to these unique benefits, many people have found that a CACI facial can help reduce common signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and fine lines. Furthermore, this treatment can also be customised depending on the specific needs of the individual, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to refresh and rejuvenate their skin.

What types of facials are available?

A few of the most popular types of CACI facials include:

  • Non-surgical facelift – this is the signature treatment that encourages a more youthful look and uses non-invasive techniques to remove fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps improve skin elasticity
  • Wrinkle revolution – this is used for specific areas and works to exfoliate areas around the eyes, forehead and mouth
  • Hydratone – developed especially for special occasions such as weddings, it nourishes and soothes the skin using a silicone gel mask to hydrate
  • Double chin lift – common in middle age, the treatment works on the muscles around the jawline to tighten them and lift the skin

What’s the process?

Generally, your therapist will go through your aims with the treatment and recommend the best type. Treatments usually take around 90 minutes, and they will also advise about follow up treatments. Again, depending on your aims, it could be that a course of approximately 15 treatments could be the best option.

After the treatment, you’ll be told about aftercare and anything you need to do or avoid for the specific facial you have had. Sometimes a hydro mask is recommended afterwards to moisturise the skin and get the most from the facial.

Anything I Need to Know?

While CACI facials are generally seen as a safe and effective method of improving the appearance of the skin, there are some potential downsides to this treatment. Some possible risks include irritation, inflammation, or rashes. Additionally, these facials can be quite expensive, so you may consider other options if cost is a concern.

However, CACI facials offer many benefits with minimal drawbacks for those looking for a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatment option that can help reduce the signs of ageing and improve overall skin health.

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